Why Do I Need A Primary Care Physician?

Primary Care Physicians are your first line of defense in getting healthy and maintaining wellness.  If you are already feeling healthy, you may ask yourself why do I need to see a primary care physician?  The short answer to the question is: continuity of care.

According to the American Association of Family Practice, continuity of care is defined as a “process by which patient and physician are cooperatively involved in ongoing health care management.”  This is important because it creates a partnership between patient and physician, so that physician has a better understanding of the patient’s whole history and experiences and can integrate that into their patient care.

The benefis of having a primary care physician have been shown in many studies.  Statisticts indicate that those states that have more Primary Care Physicians per capita have better health outcomes.  Moreover, having a physician that understands your whole health picture can lead to less testing by specialists, leading to quality and cost-effective health care with better management of conditions.

Your primary care physician is an invaluable asset that works to understand important aspects of your health care like your family situation, stressors in your life, your overall diet and health and even life goals.  Being familiar with your provider helps you and them understand when something isn’t “normal” for you.

At West Valley Internal Medicine, we have a variety of providers that may be the right fit for you.  West Valley Internal Medicine are leaders in primary care, integrative whole health in the West Valley for over 20 years.  We put the needs of our patients first.  For more information on our providers or to schedule an appointment today, please call us at 623.334.8670.  We have 3 convenient locations serving the West Valley:  Glendale/Peoria, Surprise/Sun City, and Phoenix/Avondale.

Can’t Get In To See Your Primary Care Physician?

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