12 Great Ways to Lose Weight Before the Summer

With Summer just around the corner, many of us want to get our body ready for swimsuit season.  There are many fad diets out there.  We wanted to share 32 great ways to lose weight from top doctors.

Here are the first 12 ways straight from top doctors.

1. Get 7 Hours of Sleep per Night 

“Lack of sleep leads to the over production of the hormone ghrelin,”says Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg, DO, FCCP, Board Certified Sleep Medicine Physician and author of ‘The Doctor’s Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety’. “This appetite-stimulating hormone is produced by the stomach. In fact, when chronically elevated, ghrelin causes an increased craving for carbohydrates, especially non-complex carbs, which leads to a rapid rise in glucose followed by surges in insulin. This combination results in increased fat storage and nocturnal eating right at a time when we are the least likely to be able to burn calories.”

2.  Avoid foods with “Bad” Bacteria

“Avoid the foods that feed the bad bacteria, including sugar, gluten, and conventional dairy,” says Dr. Josh Axe. This will help you lose weight while mending any damage caused by leaky gut.

3.  Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

Dr. Robert Ziltzer suggests brushing your teeth after dinner instead of having a snack. We know that this is sometimes easier said than done, but it’s a quite effective (and hygienic) method. If you can’t resist eating after dinner, make sure your bedtime snack is packed with protein and slow-digesting healthy fats. And then brush your teeth.

“Studies show that eating slower and enhancing chewing actually helps one achieve satiety faster,” says Dr. Scott Weiss. “Training yourself to chew more slowly during a meal will make you feel as though your stomach is full sooner and therefore you will consume less calories.”

5.  Choose Your Plate Color Wisely

“Believe it or not, the color and size of the plate actually does matter,” says Dr. Scott Weiss. “Studies have shown that if the color of your meal matches the plate and the plate is of a larger size, then one has a tendency to overconsume. To counteract this effect, use smaller plates and make sure the color of your meal contrasts with the plate to a certain degree. For some reason, those same studies have shown that the color blue seems to work the best.”

6.  Connect to Your Big “Why?”

“Losing 40 pounds so you can get on the floor and play with your children, because you want to be a good father and enjoy your kids while they are still young, is insanely more motivationally powerful than losing weight for your ‘health,’” says Dr. Larry Burchett. “What is your big why and what are you here to do on this earth? How does living a healthy life and losing weight (whatever your goal may be) connect to that big why? Connect those dots, and look out! Daily hamster wheel, here you come!”

7.  Consider Deoxycholic Acid – Kybella Treatments

In addition to eating a balanced and healthy diet of whole, unprocessed foods, implementing a cardio regimen, and incorporating some sort of strength training program, Dr. Richard Swift, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, suggests trying Kybella to lose stubborn fat. While we believe that diet and exercise are more important for weight-loss, the following information is still quite interesting and could, potentially, be for you.  Abloom Med Spa offers Kybella treatments.

8.  Count Calories

“Track your calories,” says Dr. Robert Ziltzer. “This simple tool will double your chances of losing weight. Use paper or a smartphone app.” Dr. Ziltzer suggests apps like Lose It or My Fitness Pal. We have 10 more weight-loss apps that we think you should try as well.

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9.  Dine Near a Mirror

Dr. Scott Weiss takes the phrase mirror, mirror on the wall to a whole new, nutritionally beneficial level.
“One way to trick yourself into eating less is by actually watching yourself eat,” says Dr. Weiss. “By having a mirror in the dining room or even in the kitchen, you will be able to see yourself eat, and it will remind you of what you’re are doing, and force you to reflect on your goals. This is not meant to be a self-shaming bit, but simply prompt a reminder of what you are hoping to achieve.”

10.  Do What Works For You

“In the long run, there isn’t much difference in fat loss between a low-fat and a low-carb diet. What is important [is] what you can stick to,” says Dr. Larry Burchett. “With both diet and exercise, start with what works for you, and what you like, and build from there. If you love bread and are miserable without it, a low carb-diet might not be best for you. Similarly, if you dread running on the hamster wheel every day, it’s less likely you are going to stick with that long term. Consider doing something active you like, like walking with a friend or spouse or playing a sport.”

11.  Drink At Least Half a Gallon of Water Per Day

Dr. Joel Meshulam, MD, a member of the SignatureMD concierge medical group, has practiced internal and geriatric medicine in the Baltimore area for more than 25 years. He believes that drinking enough water is one of the best things you can do to help regulate your body weight.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist agrees. “Simply put,your body needs water for the metabolic processes to work to burn calories,” says Dr. Cederquist. “Without regularly drinking water, your metabolism will slow down.”

Dr. Meshulam suggests setting 64 ounces (half of a gallon) of water as your daily goal.

12.  Eat More High Quality Fats

“Healthy fats help change your biochemistry and activate fat-burning enzymes in the body,” says Dr. Westin Childs. “That means add more coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, and healthy nuts into your diet.”

Stay tuned to our next blog post for additional advice on ways to lose weight from top doctors.

Source: “How to Lose Weight this Summer – Advice from 32 Top Doctors. by The Daily Meal